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Your tuckpointing, repointing & brick restoration experts in Sydney, NSW

Your tuckpointing, repointing & brick restoration experts in Sydney, NSW

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    It is certainly a privilege when you have a brick wall or chimney in your house. A brick structure provides a strong fortification to any house or building, but this does not mean that they don’t need some TLC. Just like any other parts of your house, your brick structure needs maintenance. It will come a time that your wall will suffer damages because of the factors such as outdoor conditions, rainfall and extreme heat.

    It is true that bricks can withstand outdoor elements for a hundred years or even more. However, the mortar joints that bind the entire structure are prone to wear and tear. Within 25 years of its construction, damage may show because of outdoor conditions, like rainwater absorbing through the mortar or moisture causing the rock masonry to crumble are common to brick structures.

    We have it all covered here at Tuckpointing Sydney.

    When signs of deterioration show, you should act by hiring expert brick pointers. When it comes to all your tuckpointing and repointing, Tuckpointing Sydney is the name you can trust. With several years of experience in the industry of brick restoration, Tuckpointing Sydney provides the best supplies and services in Sydney and in areas nearby.

    Our services are comprehensive enough to include all brickwork restoration for both commercial and residential areas. Plus, we give free quotations when you call us.

    Our company also specialises in the following:

    • Brick Cleaning and Waterproofing

    • Brick Grinding

    • Paint Removal from Bricks

    • Brick Staining

    • Lintel Repairs

    • Brick Ties and Brick Stitching

    The best thing that a homeowner can do when masonry works become damaged is to restore the affected part by tuckpointing.  Tuckpointing is not a want, but it is more of a need. You wouldn’t want to let your brick wall tilt or collapse, would you? If you don’t act on it, a rebuild of the damaged area is necessary and it would be heavier on the pockets. Prevent things before they get out of hand, so contact our expert brick pointers at Tuckpointing Sydney.

    Only Hire Experts like Tuckpointing Sydney

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    To ensure the safety of our staff and clients, we see to it that our procedures are always compliant with industry and safety standards. Below are more benefits when you hire us:

    • Thorough cleaning of brick or masonry.

    • Small or large scale waterproofing.

    • Preserving the look of your building.

    • Employing a team that is highly experienced and trained to perform brick restoration.

    • Preparing cutting and re-layering mortar.

    • Mixing accurate colour or tone.

    • Valuing professional workmanship.

    • Performing brick tying and brick stitching.

    • Conducting strategy planning and task management.

    When you hire us at Tuckpointing Sydney, you get to have the above and more, so give our experts a ring today.

    Warning Signs for Repairs

    Listed below are some of the things that you need to look out for. When any of these shows, seek the advice of professional brick pointers.

    You must keep in mind that only some parts of a brick structure require repointing or tuckpointing. Corollary to this, the colour of the new mortar must match the original mortar joints. Failure to do so will leave the two bricks looking mismatched, and this can be an awful sight to you and to passers-by.

    With this said, it is important that you also use the appropriate type of mortar. In choosing the quality of the mortar for the restoration, it needs to be of the same strength or a little less strong than the original mortar. Otherwise, it will not allow the mortar to stick to the structure. Comparing the quality of mortar is best left to a professional brick pointer like Tuckpointing Sydney.

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    Tuckpointing is needed to preserve the structural strength and aesthetics of your house or building. It is important to keep in mind that tuckpointing is only needed every 25-30 years depending on where you live and on what the weather conditions are in a year. Structures built in areas with heavy rainfall, high humidity, and other harsh outdoor conditions may need tuckpointing more often.
    Tuckpointing works by filling the gaps between mortar and brick on masonry chimneys and walls. To do this, a colour-coordinated paint of the mortar is applied to match the brick, producing the illusion of fine joints on the wall.
    For as long as the temperature is between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit within 24 hours to 72 hours, it is okay to perform tuckpointing.
    This is a job fit for the experts as when the deteriorated mortar in the joints between the bricks is replaced. It is more than a simple repaint job so brick pointers like Tuckpointing Sydney are needed.
    Before answering this, recall how the wall or chimney was installed. You must make sure that the proper mix of cement or sand is observed. If done right, tuckpointing can last for about 30 years.

    To contrast it with repointing, homeowners creates a clearer illusion. The reason behind this is that the mortar matches the colour of the bricks, making the entire wall look as if it was recently built.

    Repointing, on the other hand, has a softer illusion on the new mortar joints, but the corners of the bricks won’t be shaped into squares, and the mortar joints highlight the discrepancies more obviously.

    Our professionals at Tuckpointing Sydney are always ready to take on any challenge. Moreover, they specialise in brick sealing, repairs and repointing using quality products and employing modern techniques to repair or replace structural damage to brickwork.

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